News, May 20: “Devoured By A Deficit”

Where’s the Leadership

I am beginning to think that [Mayor Alan] Webber couldn't lead a pack of Boy Scouts through a paved nature trail…

"There is no plan because the budget is the plan…"


YOU are in charge. Show some leadership, tell us what YOU think should be done instead of hiding behind a bullshit survey. A survey…

Well, obviously keep some of the libraries open and some of the rec centers.

Keep GCCC and Salvador (since it recently got remodeled), keep downtown library and Southside library open. Come out with something like that so that people know where you stand, and there's someone leading the charge with some kind of idea with specifics.

But I think he wants to run for governor again and he doesn't want to make anybody angry at all. Good luck with that.

And he just doesn't have the eloquence of statesmanship. But I don't think we've ever had a mayor like that.

Michael Clay Mills
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Cover, May 20: “The Band-Aid Loans”

Artistic Appetite

I imagine the melting dollar sign as being made of butter, melting down the drain to nourish our Santa Fe sewer dwellers.

Bryce Flanagan
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Food, May 20: “Ghost Farms, Ghost Kitchens, Ghost Towns”

Not an innovation

Erin Wade's prediction is already taking hold in the very city that created the concept of technology-assisted delivery, San Francisco. The cut from the restaurants' margins by Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc. were made on the promise of higher volume to the restaurant owner. Instead it takes away the living wage of the employee and bankrupts the restaurants. The promise of higher volume is nothing more than "pie in the sky" salesmanship.

Jeanne Adelo
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