7 Days, May 13: “Kaune’s Price Gouging”

Um, I love Kaune’s

Kaune's Market is the best. Kaune's deserves awards. We have always received the very best from Kaune's.

Will Johnstone
Santa Fe

A Good Alternative

Despite the pandemic and total loss of business from no downtown, state workers and tourists, this neighborhood store has continued to serve the locals well, including opening on Sundays only for seniors and others at risk, a lifeline for the community.

We have always appreciated the fresh seafood, meats, exotic (European) products, cheeses and an excellent wine selection, which Kaune's is somehow still able to provide when others such as Whole Foods, Smiths, etc. cannot because of supply chain problems.

It's great that Kaune's offers a downtown alternative to the permanently closed Cheesemongers at more reasonable prices. It's great that such a small family business also offers sanitizers, TP, and bulk cloth masks when they have not been available elsewhere.

If anyone is dissatisfied with prices being raised because of this worldwide problem of shortages, then try Walmart or Target, good luck. And betcha can't walk there either.

Elizabeth Crysler
Santa Fe

Movies, April 29: “Planet of the Humans”

Re-think Green New Deal

The main criticisms of Planet of the Humans:

it is out of date, one-sided and deceptive.

The film and Julie Ann Grimm's review are still cause for rethinking the involvement of corporate polluters and their enablers on Wall Street in the Green New Deal.

One of the most adamant critics of the film is the director Josh Fox (Gasland 2010, an excellent anti-fracking documentary.) He claims the film is completely wrong… the film spent too much time on biomass power plants that only produce 1.4% of the power in the US. There are over 750 biomass power plants in the US burning trees, devastating our forest and adding to the problem of climate change. That is a tragedy of monumental proportions in my opinion…Thirty-four states still have oil and grass fracking. Over 60% of our power comes from fossil fuel power plants. Biomass power plants are not carbon neutral and should not be part of the Green New Deal.

How much of the deserts and other ecosystems should be sacrificed for solar and wind power?

Fred King
Santa Fe


Our endorsement issue last week gave the wrong town of residence for Matthew McQueen. He lives in Galisteo. It also gave the wrong information about contenders in the House District 50 race in the general election. A Republican and Libertarian and both qualified to face the winner of the Democratic primary. SFR regrets the errors.