Cover Story, May 6: “Model Citizens”

Required Reading

Gotta tell you—that is one super piece of reportage and clear writing on a damned difficult topic.

It should be mandatory reading for every policy-maker and politician in New Mexico.

Walt Borton
Santa Fe

Art Criticism

The "virus" graphic causes such anxiety…I KNOW it is a bad virus and I'm staying home and wearing a mask when I go out…I GET it.

So, please, could we just not see that thing with the red golf tees sticking out of it anymore?

Rhonda Summerlin
Via Facebook

Nice Article

Probably the best article I have read in the Reporter in a long time. Thanks so much for your effort.

Julia Small
Santa Fe

Movie Review, April 29: “Planet of the Humans”

Great Disservice

Unfortunately, Julie Ann Grimm's review of the new documentary "Planet of the Humans" does a great disservice to your readers. The film has been subject to fierce criticism since its release.

Many of its factual claims have been refuted, and the people highlighted—and attacked—in the film, like Bill McKibben, have issued detailed rebuttals. Most experts consider the film one-sided, if not outright deceitful. But you wouldn't learn any of that from your review.

Your attitude seems to be that if someone puts it in a film, it must be true. Millions of people are getting a distorted view of the environmental movement because uncritical reviewers are swallowing this hogwash. Please include in future issues a more responsible critique.

Adam Wasserman
Santa Fe