News, March 25: “Asphalt company plans up in the air”

Billowing Smoke

I want to thank Katherine Lewin for keeping the issue of the asphalt plant alive and well. I am sure a public meeting will be postponed at this point because of the virus, but the issue of the plant needs to be continued.

As a resident of the Southside I have seen the billowing black smoke coming from the plant when it does operate and there have been mornings where I have not been able to be in my yard due to the toxic fumes. I live off Jaguar close to Cerrillos Road, so it does travel far.

I am concerned about the Air Quality Bureau Chief Elizabeth Kuehn's comment that another public meeting " is an opportunity to have the applicant present to the public what their proposal was as there is confusion." That comment makes me believe she is siding with a company that already pollutes our air rather than being concerned about the air quality of Southside residents. I hope this assumption is incorrect.

While at this point we are mostly concerned with the virus, as well we should be, but we should not ignore ongoing health effects of poor air quality.

Rahima Susan Schmall, PhD, RN
Santa Fe

Morning Word, March 25: “Permanent Fund Tapped”

Threw the bird

So, the governor proposes to provide funds for only those businesses doing millions, with 50 employees. She has chosen to give the finger to all those small, locally-owned and family businesses that are the heart and soul of every community in the state. Businesses that, with just a little help, will survive and keep our traditions strong.

Thanks, governor, we know where your corporate proclivities lie.
Stephen Wust
Santa Fe


We spelled Ramon Sosaya's last name wrong in last week's cover story. He was one of the third place winners in the Spring Poetry Search. We're sorry.