News, March 11: “Coping with COVID-19”

Yes. Yes.

Thank God for Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and our unified party Legislature. Yes, call a health emergency. Yes, throw everything we've got at it. Yes, let us all pull together and be careful not only for our own health but the health of all those around us. … Common sense should prevail but it not always does. Why endorse ANY face-to-face meetings of ANY size unless it is for a critical need?

Jim Lodes
Santa Fe

Letters, March 11: “What About Homeowners?”

Worried About It

I read Ms. Conrow's letter with a great deal of empathy.

Last week, I sent a letter with very much the same content to Councilwoman Jamie Casutt-Sanchez, District 4 council representative, who forwarded it to an assistant city attorney who in turn explained the legislative process for Council approval. I would have appreciated an acknowledgement from Councilwoman Cassutt-Sanchez, as we live in the same subdivision and she canvassed there for campaign donations. I wonder about the saleability of the development…The parcel of land is relatively narrow. Must going to stack them up. Afraid greed will rule.

Paul Elsey
Santa Fe

Op-Ed, March 20: “Should I Get Tested?”

Missing the Spread

Since even symptomatic persons will not be tested in the absence of additional risk factors, we are guaranteed to miss the vast majority of community spread. I understand that right now this is a necessary adaptation to scarce resources. But let's not kid ourselves that it is an adequate standard.

Laurie McPherson
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