Cover, March 11: “Flatter Day Saints”

Not up for Debate

I resent the ignorant assertion that 99.9% of humanity is indoctrinated and is too stupid to see it. David Gordon and his anti-science cult are the brainwashed ones. Facts are not up for debate.

Jonathan Taylor Powell
Via Facebook

Real Tragedy

People like David Gordon and Bob Knobel have the constitutional right to believe that their god gave them a brain so they wouldn't use it. However, no one else is constitutionally obligated to hire or retain anyone that stupid. They probably believe everything Donald Trump says, too. The real tragedy here is that you are giving them a pulpit for their completely ridiculous ideas. Why are you wasting your weekly feature article on this nonsense? It is a sad day in the editorial room when this is the most pressing issue you can decide to write about.

Jeff Sussmann
Santa Fe

Barrel of Ink

A friend of mine says, "There ain't no law against stupid." However, the Reporter chose to give it a platform. What does that say about you? You'll print anything that sells? Now you can't accuse any other media platforms of anything.

By the way, based on your photo, Mr. Gordon's "religion" doesn't seem to have any problems with (scientifically based) digital computers, synthetic fabrics and SUVs. I wonder what he believes about vaccines against viruses.

Marc Bonem
Santa Fe

Letters, March 11: “Say Yes to Panhandling”

Give a Little

The services available in Santa Fe cannot provide more than a drop in the bucket of need. Although I subsist on $781 per month I give one dollar every day to everybody I see working a sign and other panhandlers as well, because these human beings need our help. And the city's politicians, the government and non-government agencies cannot help the majority of folks out there… and the shelters are horrible places.

Alan Feldman
Santa Fe