Food, Jan. 22: “Happy New Year”

Some Circumstances

Your reviewer gave Lulu's Chinese Cuisine & Bar a terrible review last week and rightly so, based on the service (or lack thereof) and the food.

Readers should know, however, that the restaurant's owner, Lulu Lee, suffered severe injuries in an accident toward the end of last year and has not been able to get to the restaurant, and spend the usual day and evening there, much since. Lulu lives in Albuquerque and is not able to make that daily commute. Had she been there, the entire experience would have been different, from the service to the food; Lulu commands and oversees every aspect of her restaurant…when she is on hand. One hopes she will heal and be back on the job full time soon.

Kay Lockridge
Santa Fe

News, Jan. 22: “In Session”

Jan. 29 is Autism Day

Please join Elevate the Spectrum Inc. in celebrating Autism Day at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe on Wednesday, Jan. 29 starting at 8 am to support House Bill 55, Autism Disorder Supports and Services.

In 2019, New Mexico passed landmark legislation for autism insurance coverage.

Now the state can complete the puzzle and support efforts underway for Autism Disorder programs by passing [HB 55], sponsored by Rep. Elizabeth "Liz" Thomson and Rep. Joanne J. Ferrary.

For New Mexicans, [HB 55] appropriates $2.5 million from the general fund for the purpose of expanding services available in New Mexico for children, adults and families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

The appropriation will allow [New Mexico State University] to create a regional autism office and enable crucial programs for youth and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Additionally, the appropriation will allow the University of New Mexico's Center for Development and Disability to develop services for adults with ASD, fund autism evaluations for children, will also establish an ASD registry and be used for research into ASD at UNM.

The appropriation going to the Children Youth and Families (CYFD) will develop wraparound services for children with ASD with "high acuity of need" and provide funding to UNM for development of model services for individuals with "high acuity of need" ASD requiring inpatient hospitalizations, residential or group home services.

New Mexico can Elevate the Spectrum in 2020 with ASD Supports and Services Legislation.

Jason Barker