Letter to the editor, Jan. 11

Let’s Talk Education

Discussing education reform with the Industrial era mindset of merit, time of day and age-based education of today on the table is a dead-end discussion as would be deciding whether to have an apple or an orange. They are both round fruits that grow on trees but if the health benefits of Vitamin C is the topic, the apple is not relevant to the discussion. Sure, apples may be great but they do not do the job.
Disruptive innovators like Khan Academy and YouTube are offering free online content that dwarfs teachers capability to reach the varied learning styles of all students in a class. Disruptive educational innovation is rapidly growing, offering an entirely new model of how education is done so…students are given the opportunity and resources to master subjects instead of being sorted meritoriously by time/age specific testing and grading.
This rapidly expanding format will undermine and completely destroy the methods of today due to the sheer size and bureaucracy of our entrenched public education system. Unfortunately, what will remain will be the old factory mindset of school that will only serve the less bright, less responsibly parented children, destroying the entire public educational funding methodology. Agility and flexibility is the key for the tomorrow that is already coming faster and faster down the track.
Rob Wood
Las Cruces

Morning Word, Jan. 4: “Mural Homeowner Plans to Appeal”

Artistic Priorities

With all the rigorously protected and promoted Cornball Cowboy Art™ in Santa Fe, you’d think they’d welcome something current and topical by a Navajo artist, but no, gotta tear that down. The City Different isn’t really into difference at all.
Riley Ames
Via Facebook
Correction: We were so stoked on the new offerings at the Santa Fe Brewing Co.’s new digs that we neglected to include an address and phone number. Our bad. It’s 35 Fire Place, 424-3333.