A&C, Jan. 8: “Mural Politics”

A Beloved Artist

Gilberto! We love him—and all his work. I'm so happy to see a public conversation that honors his efforts. He has always been so completely dedicated to his art.

Nancy Nielsen
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Save the Mural

"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." I think people who want to take down the mural in the sake of preserving it digitally, or whatever form, are wrong and totally missing the point of the art and Santa Fe culture.

We are an old historic town with an ancient heritage. You might as well say "let's smooth out the walls of San Miguel Chapel" or widen Burro Alley. Even if the mural fades and parts are uneven, it does not mean it needs to be taken down.

These are the sorts of things that give a community character and charm. Not modern refurbishments—they should exist to enhance, not replace. Leonardo da Vinci's murals all started falling apart in his lifetime. (No, I am not saying Guzman is Da Vinci, that is not the point.) However, an attitude of beauty in decay and age is part of what gives art the power to speak, change and grow over the decades and centuries.

The New Mexico Museum of Art (and History) no longer displays the pieces I used to go just to visit, like old friends. All in the name of progress, I'm sure. But if we truly want to remain The City Different, we need to make different decisions NOW!

Thank you to Alex De Vore and SFR for covering this important cultural story.

Melanie Lamb Faithful
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Online, Jan. 2: “Vladem Contemporary Back On Track”

Can it be saved?

The article explains clearly that the mural is beyond repair. The good news is that there will be top-notch exhibitions by local artists, as well as regional, national and international ones. Art is central to the local economy and the Vladem will be a major draw.

RJ Ward
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