Food, Dec. 18: “Looking for a Burrito?”

Protect Corporations

I am writing to register a complaint about the [fourth] paragraph…

I am sure that if the writer had replaced the word "white" with black, brown, Asian, or Indian, you would not have published the review. Racism—with help and encouragement of the president—is poisoning this country and does no one any good.

Secondly, when the writer asks "who are you supporting" at Chipotle, it is worth remembering that Chipotle is a publicly held company with millions of shares outstanding that benefit people from all walks of life, including the largest teachers' pension funds. If Wikipedia is correct, Chipotle also employs 45,000 people.

To be clear, I have no connection with Chipotle. I have never dined there and have no plans to do so. But in this era when journalism is under constant attack, I think it behooves newspapers to be fair.

Hal Kahn
Santa Fe

Morning Word, Dec. 17: “Slow Down”

Drive Sensibly

I travel back and forth to Albuquerque, daily. I am shocked at the way people drive on I-25. The speed limit is 75 mph. Most people drive 80 or 85+ mph. They tailgate other cars aggressively and after passing, pull back in too closely. …Even in bad weather, snow, rain and high winds, people drive too fast and put all of us travelling these roads in danger!

It is the responsibility of the NM Depart-ment of Public Safety to safeguard public for the citizens of New Mexico. It is the responsibility of NM Secretary of Public Safety Mark Shea and NM State Police Chief Tim Johnson to see that the speeding and tailgating laws of this state are enforced. Gentlemen, do your jobs!

Ticket speeders and ticket tailgaters. Ideally, the speed limit in New Mexico should be reduced to perhaps 65 mph. The requirements and training for prospective drivers should be enhanced and existing drivers should be re-trained before getting driver's licenses. Drivers should be taught and required to drive safely and know how to drive in fog and other adverse weather conditions, or not be issued a New Mexico driver's license. Modern cars are monstrosities of plastic and electronics, with no bumpers, fragile eggshells, yet so many people in our state are driving like maniacs in these machines! Something must be done.

JW Armfield
Santa Fe


Editor's Note: In last week's music column (Transmissions from the Digital Age), quotes from Blackout Pictures members Jared Weiss and Jeff Jedowski were improperly attributed to one another. SFR regrets the error.