Food, Dec. 4: “The Muck and The Hollar”

No septic problems

The only Madrid septic problem is at The Hollar. While septic generally requires maintenance, the statement that effluent runs rampant in the streets of Madrid is yellow dog at its finest. I think your reporter attempted objectivity, but the quotes he incorporates are wrong, inappropriate and hurtful.

This is a beautiful town with beautiful people. Were there a septic problem, residents would remedy that promptly no matter the source. It's what the community does—takes care of problems even when the problem-causers won't or can't.

A clarification and correction of this coverage is truly warranted. You will not find support for the idea that there is ever a smell in town from other than The Hollar, the owner of which has made his problem public and dramatic. In his angst he has painted with a brush which should have been narrowed to describe his singular problem. It is now up to you to do so.

Thank you.

Chuck Aspinwall

Sensational Reporting

Did Cole Rehbein take that walk to verify the statement he just made to the citizens of New Mexico? I would guess not. Claims by the interviewee notwithstanding, this is irresponsible reporting based on an attempt to sensationalize an unfortunate, but limited (to The Hollar) problem. To publish an unsubstantiated story of overflowing septic all over the town of Madrid portrays its citizens and merchants as uncaring about their own homes, businesses and the health of their families. This, on the opening weekend of a holiday season which Madrid depends on for its economic health. Many citizens own, or are employed by, the shops, galleries and restaurants here. Thanks for telling everyone to stay away.

Please retract and rewrite this negative information in an obvious way which makes it clear to your readers that the original article grossly sensationalizes a problem limited to one location.

Jim Brulet

Editor's note: In response to these letters and others, SFR conducted follow-up reporting and posted a new story on our website that includes additional information about the septic situation in Madrid.