Music, Nov. 19: “Seriously? This Again?”

To busk or not to busk

Busking is a crucial part of the music scene, just like recording and composing and improvising. A lot of famous musicians got their start on the streets by busking.

If you're gonna be salty about someone playing music outside, close your shop doors and invest in some sound tiles. Otherwise, get smart and strike up an understanding with the busker.

Kacy Crews
Via Facebook

Morning Word, Nov. 21: “Drug and alcohol abuse worsening in NM”

Do something!

I am appalled at the lack of strength in properly addressing the atrocious sentencing guidelines for individuals who drink, drive, and then kill victims and cause great bodily harm to others.

The latest sentencing of Dominic Friedlein is a perfect example of these unspeakable atrocities. He received a mere two years plus one year house arrest. … … Why does New Mexico, its judges and its prosecutors take these matters so lightly?

Someone must answer for these outlandish sentencing guidelines.

Bevererly A Fordham
Santa Fe

Cover, Nov. 19: “Flyover Country”

Build momentum

That was a good article. Flyover country needs a flywheel. It would seem that momentum has to build at some point, but development along a four-lane highway is always about the automobile, and it will take concerted effort to make it otherwise.

Anyway, good work. Thanks.

Jeff Donlan
Santa Fe