Music, Nov. 20: “Seriously? This again?”

Hello! I busk

Thank you so much for this article. I busk frequently downtown and for years have taken flack from certain local businesses. I’m really glad that someone has finally recognized this as an issue downtown.
Something I wanted to point out though—I do not play the same song “15 times” in a 2 hour set. Actually, I have 4 hours of memorized repertoire so pretty much nothing gets repeated in my sets. I also am not amplified and play solo violin, which is a moderately quiet instrument. I still have had business owners complain about my “noise pollution” and have been told I’m “interfering with business.”  One local merchant even told me she’s be contacting the city just to specially complain about me.
On the other hand, for every business owner that has a superiority complex there’s another one who’s incredibly sweet and welcoming. Several of them even tip me. I’m not sure why there’s so much animosity on the part of others, but I’m certain it stems from problems that are much deeper than anything I can solve with volume control.
Liv Orovich
Santa Fe

News, Nov. 6: “Keep Us Together”

Thankful for SHAP

I was so glad to see your article about Karen Cain and the Street Homeless Animal Project, especially given the time of year. I know Karen, and the work she does, and in these coming months, as the temperatures get colder, SHAP will be out there providing the homeless population of Santa Fe and their companion animals with food, veterninary care, supplies, and perhaps most importantly: support.
… I would urge your readers to please give a thought to those animals living on the street … and consider donating to SHAP. The notion that resources like SHAP are there for those experiencing life on the street—a place many of us are frankly just a paycheck away from—is something this city should be rightly proud of.
Edward C Bagley
Santa Fe