Movies, Oct. 23: “Zombieland: Double Tap”

Anti-Racist Action

I see in the first movie review that Alex De Vore names the racist tropes surrounding Woody Harrelson's character. Thank you, De Vore.

A few pages earlier in the same issue, you have an ad for a white male comedian who purports to have an alter ego named Swami something. Unless he's Hindu, he should find another alter ego. Better yet, he ought to embrace his whiteness. Maybe write a few jokes about it.

As for you, SFR, stay vigilant in your portrayals of race, whether in ads or editorial content. We need all the white allies—people and publications—we can get in this centuries-old slog to transform white fragility, confront white solidarity and overcome white supremacy (as written about by Robin Diangelo).

Chad Jones
Santa Fe

News, Nov. 6: “Relatively Safe”

Feeling Unsafe

My suspiciousions for the rise in crime in Santa Fe for the 2017-2018 have been confirmed. Actually, the 58% increase in robberies should terrify visitors and residents alike.

Personally, I no longer feel safe in Santa Fe or Albuquerque. … Anyone who visits Santa Fe should be aware of the reality that the odds of being robbed are increasing more and more every year. "Disneyland for old folks" has become a haven for addicts, who will rob or con anyone for their next fix.

Thank you! for reporting the facts. Hope the Santa Fe New MexicanAlbuquerque Journal, KOB, KOAT and KRQE will have the courage to do the same.

Donald Apodaca
Santa Fe

Food, Oct. 30: “Thrice Bitten”

Not From Here

The reviewer sure does sound like he still doesn't get Santa Fe. How do you go to a place to review and not order its most famous offering? Guess about its first location that made it well known? And whine about the decor and the view out the window. WTF?

Tomas Mas
Via Facebook


In last week's food column, we misprinted Carla Gilfillan's name.