Cover, Oct. 16: “Prescribed Protection”

Local Comments Critical

Comment periods on the Santa Fe and Carson National Forests plans close Nov. 7. It is vitally important that those living in or near the forest comment in order that local knowledge and perspectives are considered in the plans. These plans will affect communities and wildlife for years to come.

Traditional and agricultural land uses as well as recreation and wildlife are all essential to New Mexico's economy and quality of life. Forest plans need to balance these interests and must be informed by those most knowledgeable and directly affected. Find opportunities to comment on the websites for the Carson and Santa Fe national forests … If you need assistance making a comment, please contact us at

Lawrence Gallegos
NM Landowner Representative, Western Landowners Alliance

Acting Out, Oct. 21: “Fear No Art: Opera Edition”

A Gratuitous Insult

I was nonplussed to see that Charlotte Jusinski referred to Tom Franks as "smarty pants." Tom is one of the most knowledgeable people on the topic of opera in Santa Fe …

I do not know if Ms. Jusinski has an ax to grind with Dr. Franks or why she would use such words to describe him. Did she ever think that now he will be stuck with that label for life? He will no doubt have it thrown up to his face in coming years as a joke (or not). … Ms. Jusinski owes Tom Franks an apology both personally and publicly for her gratuitous insult.

William Derbyshire
Santa Fe

News, Oct. 16: “City Council Endorsements”

Same-Day Voting

Early voting is already underway and runs until Saturday, Nov. 2, with Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Like in every election, you must be registered to vote in order to cast a ballot. In this year's election, eligible voters can register to vote or update their existing registration and cast their ballot on the same day (known as "same day voter registration") at their county clerk's office on any day during the early voting period.

If you wait until Election Day to vote, however, then you will need to already be registered before you show up at the polls.

Some county clerks will offer additional sites where voters can register to vote and vote on the same day for this election. Visit or check with your county clerk for more information …

Voting is one of the most important ways we can impact our communities. Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver and everyone here at the Secretary of State's Office encourages you to make your voice heard and vote in this election. Happy voting!

Alex Curtas
Communications director,
New Mexico Secretary of State

Online, Oct. 19: “Vince Kadlubek Steps Down as Meow Wolf CEO”

Thanks, Vince

Being a CEO of a young company that is wildly successful would be tough. Managing the growth, publicity and day to day operations would be intense and taxing on anybody in my opinion. Vince has been open about his struggles with his mental health. The guy needs to take care of himself. We aren't privy to all the background information, but what he helped create is incredible. The founders have done much for our state. Sure, they've had hiccups, but overall, they've helped our economy and invested in community programs.

Hortencia T Benavidez

Corporate “Art”

Like Disney or any number of other Hollywood entertainment entities … not surprising, and as long as we are calling ducks ducks, I hope people of the world realize that the word "art" is not to be affiliated with [Meow Wolf]. MW is a sham, a grift, a set-up, a capitalist manifestation built on ego, competition and greed. Has MW really helped our community in any long-lasting way? What are the players gonna do when the party is over? [Vince Kadlubek] loves the attention and is like so many people I have encountered in this community over the past 30 years-—incompetent at the job they occupy. Again, is anyone really surprised by my words? How many people do you know that hold positions they have no right holding? Too many to list. It's pathetic.

Michael Webb

Where’s my stock?

My faith in Meow Wolf as an aspiring art movement was broken when they forced a buyback of the stocks I was so excited to invest in and own. The community spirit feels like it disappeared.

Kate Jackson

Online, Oct. 25: “Warehouse 21 to leave Railyard”

Growing up with W21

Very sad for Santa Fe. I grew up with Warehouse 21 having youth concerts. I met new people and good friends. Warehouse 21 provided a great place for locals to explore music and … a place for local bands to play. Many of our local musicians started by performing there.

We need to do better for our youth and families trying to live in our town.

Lori Montoya

We tried

Many of us who have served on the board at one time or another tried very hard to make things work. It was apparent to me years ago that the Southside needed this kind of place. The lack of parking made things even worse. In a town with so little theatre space that would have been a dream of mine, a full blown arts complex. However, I don't see anything resolving itself in that area unless parking is addressed.

Janet Davidson


Sad, but probably for the best, it's been troubled ever since they moved out of the original building, and the kids who actually need it have all moved out to the Southside anyway. Hopefully they'll take the opportunity to get back to what worked.

Eubie Butt