Cover, Oct. 2: “Homegrown Revolution”

Food: Not Food Anymore

Your cover story of Oct. 2 has people comment about wanting to return to traditional foods. For the most part, that can't happen. We don't have a traditional atmosphere. We have one overflowing with carbon dioxide. Our plants take up that extra CO2 and grow larger and produce more grain, but the additional amount of produce is all carbohydrate. We're getting more carbs and fewer nutrients, and we're nowhere close to starting to alter that dynamic. Consider when you start the SUV tomorrow.

Shane Woolbright
Santa Fe

Cover, Sept. 18: “Courting Trouble”

Encouraging DWI

New Mexico has the worst DWI record in the country regarding arrests and deaths due to drunk driving. I see now "COLD BEER" available at gas stations all over town, don't tell me they buy it and take it home to drink there. Then there is the "Margarita Trail" event, where you drive from one restaurant to another for those drinks. Maybe I am missing something here, but isn't that a little like jumping off a cliff and hoping you can fly? There are people offended by my questions regarding the "Margarita Trail" event, I think it is unconscionable. How can you track what someone drank at home before they even started on the 'trail'?

Drinking and driving don't work and it needs to be stopped, not encouraged.

Sina Brush
Santa Fe

Online, Sept. 26:“Governor Opposes Pecos Mine”

True Costs

Everyone knows who pays the price for mining—US citizens. And locals also pay with contaminated water, noise, smells, truck traffic and their land destroyed. Some mining company makes a few $$ and then leaves the mess.

Brooks Bollman
via Facebook