Movies, Sept. 25: “The Goldfinch Review”

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Alex DeVore's review of The Goldfinch film confirms my worst nightmare: Hollywood took a stunner of a book and turned it crappy. Therein lies DeVore's mistake-—he rants for six long paragraphs about the film's shortcomings, but never tells us what we really need to know: Skip the film, and buy the book instead. Whether you're a writer looking to hone your craft or a reader who adores a finely-tuned story, Donna Tartt's novel is a masterpiece not to be missed. Give credit where credit's due: The film might be lousy, but Tartt's abilities are a gift to us all.

Kate McCahill
Santa Fe

Cover, Sept. 18: “Courting Trouble”

Liquor is Everywhere

Regarding the published numbers on DWI checkpoints, did anyone bother to look or ask where most of the DWI arrests, complaints, stops and incidents occur? How about the DWI related crashes? I would be curious to know. Smart policing today is very data driven; wouldn't that matter in terms of where to deploy limited resources? It is extremely over simplistic to suggest just because most of the city's "popular bars and restaurants" (whatever that means) are in the northern section, then the police must host checkpoints in the same area. People do not just consume alcoholic beverages in northern "popular bars and restaurants." Chili's and Buffalo Wild Wings are in the south, along with many other places that serve liquor.

I am glad we have a Municipal Court, and agree with the assertion in the sixth paragraph that it helps alleviate the strain on the magistrate and district courts. Santa Fe is not Ferguson, and mentioning that city when discussing ours on the subject of city courts is a non-sequitur.

David Bogan
Santa Fe