Food, Sept. 11:  “Look me in the eye”

Too much tech

Kudos to Zibby Wilder. Another nicety of a civilized society is disappearing: consideration of your fellow human beings. …

I am seriously considering no longer attending concerts at The Lensic because the last time I went all I could see as I looked toward the stage was rectangles of light filming a concert which began with an admonition to turn off and stow all cell phones. And the people in those expensive seats in front of me were not millennials, but people who were at least ten years older than me.

Why is it that people believe an experience doesn't exist unless it is posted to the internet? What happened to enjoying an event by watching and listening instead of just trying to document how much fun you are having?

Georgellen Burnett
Santa Fe

Cover, Sept. 4: “Council Kart 4”

Disrepair and Despair

I went to see a movie at the Screen at the Santa Fe University of Arts and Design off St. Mike's yesterday. It was sad to see how bad the campus looked, weeds high and buildings abandoned, the road in full of potholes and rubbish. There were only six people for the noon showing of Give Me Liberty. We essentially had the place to ourselves. …

I almost cried when I was driving home near Airport Road … The city needs to clean this campus up and make it a wonderful place to be again. I know the City of Santa Fe owns the property now, so c'mon Santa Fe let's make it better! This is an art town! I appreciate Greg Scargall doing something, anything, to get this place up and running once again. No more corporate interference like what happened at this Santa Fe school of higher education.

And I'm grateful for SFR for their weekly newspaper, which I read cover to cover every week addressing the most important issues facing our home here in Santa Fe.

Patte Lebovit
Santa Fe


In our music feature last week, we regrettably misspelled Bob Finnie's name.