Cover, Aug. 28: “Case Not Closed”

From a Public Defender

Important and well-done article—thank you!

As a public defender I fully support the idea of the LOPD [Law Office of the Public Defender] playing a role in these types of cases!


Opinion, Aug. 28: “Where’s la Emi?”

I agree!

I strongly agree with Catherine Oppenheimer's letter. Inclusion of Emi [Grimm] in the cover story would have been appropriate to illustrate how far teens in the story might blossom as major, adult flamenco artists.

… I recall being impressed a decade and more ago by Emi's dancing and potential at the Plaza as a teen in Maria Benitez's youth company, Flamenco's Next Generation. I now am amazed by her adult dancing and persona.

Glen Smerage
Santa Fe

Food, Aug. 28: “Bowl of Confusion”

All Delish

After several visits, my experience has been very different (all delicious) but consistency is one of the biggest problems facing new restaurants.

To your point, I don't think Santa Fe is ready for Michelin-worthy dining just yet.

Lucrece Borrego
via Facebook

7 Days, Aug. 14: 

In Defense of Richardson

Item 6 suggests, in fact implies, that Richardson was involved with a teen-age "sex slave." Yet, a close reading of The New Mexican story and the material upon which it was based indicated only that the young woman said she was told by Epstein's so-called madam to contact Richardson and other well-known men. Nowhere does it say, or imply, that she followed through on the order and contacted any of those men.

Big difference, wouldn't you say?

Kay Lockridge
Santa Fe