Online, Aug. 23: “The waste that remains”

Not the only threat

Many in Santa Fe are pious about protecting our sole source aquifer system from LANL— "a threat to the region's future water security." However, it is exactly the same sole source aquifer we intend to corrupt with the county's portion of the Aamodt Agreement. If we introduce a county water distribution system into the Pojoaque Basin without a waste water treatment system, then we will contaminate the same aquifer with thousands of known and unknown contaminants.

Sixteen years ago, the US Bureau of Reclamation warned us against building the county water distribution system without a waste water treatment system. However, they have fallen into line; so why shouldn't we?

The county's water distribution system provides water for developers and is supported by the powers-that-be, so let us all turn a blind eye. Short run profit triumphs over "the region's future water security." And this threat to our future will only cost New Mexico taxpayers $150 million. What's not to like?

Devin Bent

Cover Story, Aug. 21: “Every dance has a purpose”

Where’s la emi?

As a former New York City Ballet dancer and co-founder of NDI-NM and NMSA, dance is one of the few things I know deeply about. It was therefore very disheartening to see Morgan Smith's article about "a new generation of Santa Fe flamenco dancers" and not see Emi Grimm, or La Emi as she is called, included. How could anyone write an article about Santa Fe and Flamenco and leave her out? Bad reporting, nepotism … is has to be something because she is a born and bred New Mexican, a gorgeous professional dancer with a terrific company, and a woman with a mission to bring flamenco to youth throughout New Mexico. She has weekly shows, a school, that I have visited, filled with aspiring young talent, and an outreach program that reaches into New Mexico communities far and wide. She even advertizes in your paper. Gee! Again—really disheartening that you would leave one of New Mexico's best home-grown talents out. I hope you do a better job next time!

Catherine Oppenheimer
Santa Fe

News, Aug. 21: “Contemporary history”

New design needed

It is time for some world class architecture to come to fruition and engage in a dialogue with the present and future, no more mud or Playskool pastel aesthetics that dominate the present local culture. And yes, even in the historical overlay district and around and near the Plaza, one just has to look at the architectural abominations, like the convention center or the Eldorado hotel or the Drury. Santa Fe's archtecture style is an invention from the 1920s.

Ric Lum
via Facebook