Online, Aug. 15: “Trump-inspired hate hits the Plaza”


As a native Santa Fean, this article disturbed me to my core. … While I understand and respect the right to free speech, no one has the right to openly harass and demand to see "people's papers/passports" or threaten violence.

This person is entitled to his opinion, wear his MAGA hat, his Trump t-shirt and unfortunately legally tote a gun openly in NM. But he cannot legally spew racial slurs, openly harass or threaten violence. What is wrong with the SFPD that they don't act on this? Is this not some form of disturbing the peace, criminal mischief, malicious harassment or even criminal assault? … The El Paso shooter's mother let the police know that her son was perhaps a threat and they did nothing. We now unfortunately live in a time where we cannot ignore these warning signs. See something, say something, now do something. … Kudos to the business owner who stood up to him and refused him service. The other business owners neeed to step up also. As a property owner and tax-paying citizen I will contact the mayor's office and implore them not to let this hateful virus invade Santa Fe. … We must have the courage to stand up and hold our elected officials and police department to account.

Sylvia Baca
Santa Fe

An American Right

Carrying a gun is an American right! Especially for those that respect the laws! Stick to your cooking and remember why America gives this freedom to have a business!

Teddy Gonzales
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Not a Right

Public nuisance, disturbing the peace,
making death threats, and harassment aren't rights.

Vee Kay
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Tragedy in Waiting

I suppose we're waiting for the lunatic to shoot someone and then there will be just cause to arrest him. His attorney will claim "mental illness," he'll get off lightly and the victim will still be dead. No one has the right to harass innocent bystanders and get away with it. What has happened to our law enforcement and civility?

Fernando Delgado
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Double Standard?

The same police department that arrested peaceful protestors at the Entrada two years ago, and brought felony charges against an Indigenous woman because her cardboard sign accidentally brushed against two of these oafs, can't be bothered to respond to direct threats of violence. Sounds right.

Thunder Moon
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Not Trump’s Fault

My issue is I've seen racism long before Trump was in office, so I don't agree with the "it's Trump's fault" narrative. I don't support this guy, or any other person that's giving good conservatives a bad name like this. Illegal immigration is an issue, and making a scene like this is not the correct way to resolve issues.

Anthony Sandoval
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Dangerous Delusions

Trump people are living in a fantasy world and their delusion is costing us more every day.

Paul Michaelson
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Online, Aug. 16: “Mayor responds to plaza harassment”

City Inaction

I have an extremely hard time believing that there is nothing SFPD and the city can do about this. It's shameful and appalling that they have let it go on as long as they have. This is not freedom of speech, the authorities in Santa Fe are giving this man a free pass to harass and verbally assault people and someone is going to end up hurt or dead. Cowards.

Kris Buchmann
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Focus on Community

I don't think the city attorney nor police are the answer to this. It has been occurring on a regular basis the last few years. People who come here and don't know the history and that they are stepping into other's land. There has to be a limit on accommodating tourists, for the economy's sake, and taking care of the people that are actually from here, and are responsible for the charm.

Iscah Hundsen Carey
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Historic Precedents

Can't decide what is more horrifying—this racist intimidation of violence in our midst, or the mayor's warning the rest of us to make the choice to ignore such terrorizing behavior and just walk on by, while he and the police chief seemingly wring their hands, conjure imaginary rights that are likely inapplicable to these facts, and hope it will all just pass by. Quietly turning the other cheek doesn't work with bullies in the school yard, it doesn't work with stopping men who sexually harass women on our streets, and it surely didn't work in pre-war Nazi Germany.

The mayor would do well to remember Robert Kennedy's warning that "Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the law flouted, when we tolerate what we know to be wrong, when we close our eyes and ears because we are too busy or too frightened, when we fail to speak up and speak out, we strike a blow against freedom, decency and justice." Rather than preoccupying himself with due process and constitutional rights that a first year law student could successfully argue do not apply in the face of terror, hate speech and racist intimidation of people trying to make a lawful living in a public square, the mayor should instruct the police to arrest this man and let him wait for Trump to send a lawyer who will assume the mayor's inexplicable and self appointed role of protecting this man's alleged rights to threaten and harasses peaceful people with his loaded gun on hand while advising the rest of us to keep our emotions in check as he does nothing.

Liz Daigle Delfs
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News, Aug. 14: “Pecos Prospectors”

The Struggle is Alive

The reason democracy has worked in this country's short history is because we expect legalities to align with morality. We live in a corrupt age where what is legal is no longer moral. Powerful billion-dollar corporations are considered people and their leverage drowns the uplifted voices of the masses as we urge our politicians to do right. I am a peaceful person by nature but will fight tooth and nail for correct and moral thinking vs obvious wrongs committed under the shield of a law that no longer protects citizens but only corporate interests … especially when protecting our beautiful planet so that it is able to continue hosting all life including our own progeny. A coalition of like-minded individuals is assembling and we will not be taken lightly. We are here! We are here! We are here! Fighting this mine is the battle of our lifetime.

The powers that be are in the position to say yea or nay. Nay will be much trouble, time and expense avoided. If yea, expect a blistering battle. I've always wondered why someone would want to poke a sleeping dragon. We are talking about the Blood of Christ. Look down at your hands. If we let this happen, it will not wash away! To activate, check the Upper Pecos Watershed Association for ways you can be involved.

Robin Reindel