Cover, July 24: “Best of santa Fe”


The "Best of" issue has become a Santa Fe tradition! I would love to see a best street musician/busker category added in future editions! Some of these people are undiscovered gems. My favorite would have to be Kyle Perkins. Keep up the good work.

Ericson Martin
Santa Fe

Add This

As always, I enjoyed reading your Best of Santa Fe issue, but found a few categories missing for those folks who might not be able to dine at The Compound, enjoy sushi up at Izanami, or margaritas at Maria's.

How about a FREE category: best soup kitchen, best place to score free clothes, best place to watch the sunset, best place to watch the full moon rise; best place to count the stars on your first date (beats undressing at The Waves); best church to find shelter if you need it, best low-cost counseling, friendliest bus driver, best place to respectfully watch a Native American ceremony.

…We're a diverse population ethnically and economically and maybe next time the "Best of" will reflect that.

Nancy London, MSW
Santa Fe

Online, July 19: “Unjust Transition”

What’s the plan?

"Natural gas emits methane, one of the most powerful greenhouse gases that causes climate destruction," says Mariel Nanasi, director, New Energy Economy.

Natural gas IS methane, that when combusted with oxygen is converted to carbon dioxide and water. CO2 and H2O are listed as greenhouse pollutants by the IPCC, yet are essential to every single form of organic life. Organic means carbon-based. The science isn't in on this issue, it was never there.

Your writer didn't even call Nanasi on it.

In my day, we learned basic chemistry and scientific methodology. High school paper indeed.

Don Rehorn


In our story about City Council candidates (News, "Moving Toward November," July 24), the quote, "As soon as we got the materials from the city clerk, everyone went on summer vacation. But the candidates did what they had to do to overcome it," was misattributed. It's from Xavier Anderson.