7 Days, July 3

TDS Diagnosis

Long ago, the 7 Days feature … was clever, amusing and edgy. It's become a scolding, angry and self-righteous insult served on a weekly basis. "AOC visits immigration Camp" …and it's so much worse than you ever imagined?? AOC saw only an empty parking lot but made her visit into a photo op that has been thoroughly outed for its fakery. Surely you must know that. Your indignation is fake. "Find yourself a different paper to read if you support this stuff" you wrote in reference to the camp guard Facebook page containing hateful content. Personally, I do not support vile and hateful communication, but your unrelenting Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned this weekly feature into the personification of all you despise. Get funny or die. You are certainly killing your readers. Every time I read the Reporter I want my money back.

Tom Hyland

Web Extra, July 1: “First Firms Selected for Midtown Campus”

Keep it Local

They couldn't find a single firm located in New Mexico? It's not so much about "understanding Santa Fe" as boosting local economics, and yes, maybe a local firm would have a different perspective and stake in the project. I distinctly remember that as part of Webber's campaign, and now he's saying "I don't want to hear it"?

Lenore Gusch
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They could have saved the $65,000 paid to U3 and gathered public comments through a Facebook page, lol. I'm sure they'd get plenty.

Julie Rill
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News, July 3: “Youth at the Edge of the Plaza”

Rethink It

Daniel Werwath may want to rethink his statement that the "north and east side residents fearing change." Isn't that where Alan Webber got significant support in carrying the mayoral election?

And perhaps he should advocate for working families of color with children who need housing as well; not just millennials.

Kenneth Pin
Santa Fe

Food, June 26: “Open Concept Kitchen”

Ratios are Off?

Note to Zibby: A restaurant review is not supposed to be 50% about yourself and 20% about general human or cultural observations. It's supposed to be about the restaurant and its food. (Type of thing that makes me think of the Reporter as a high school newspaper.)

Stephen David
Santa Fe