7 Days, June 5 

How Dare You

How offensive, to compare first lady Melania Trump to Zozobra. Wow, what a vindictive suggestion! Mrs. Trump is a dignified and beautiful woman.

As I recall, potshots such as this were taken at Mrs. Obama, as well. How wrong these slanders are—no matter what "side" you're on. Shame on you. Try and show some respect.

Stephen Knauer
Santa Fe

Food, June 5: “Power to the Planet!”

No Gluten Over Here

Glad to see the food page devoted to the Impossible Burger! Might be helpful to note that since April (according to Impossible Foods website), the recipe has become gluten-free. It was wheat gluten-based before this change (as most meat analogs are), but the ingredients Zibby mentions are now correct and a great change for anyone who needs to eschew gluten and can now chew the Impossible Burger!

Blair Vaughn-Gruler
Santa Fe

Get it Right

Impossible Meats does not sell their food under the Beyond Meat label in stores.

Impossible Foods is one company. Their products, under the Impossible label, are currently limited to selling to the public via foodservice-only distribution (very soon to change, however, so this might be current).

Beyond Meat is a separate company, and sell their product under the Beyond label, "Which includes burgers, sausages, ground 'beef' and even chicken strips, all available at local grocery stores," as Wilder writes. It's a non sequitur, but Beyond recently went public while Impossible remains a private company.

In either case, thanks to Zibby for the otherwise good write-up and review of the various "alt-meat" options available. What a weird would we live in…

John Paul Gonzales
Santa Fe

News, June 5: “On the Trail with Marco Serna”

No Bueno

Maybe a little more research was in order here. Marco Serna can't even effectively run the DA's office so why would we want to elect him to Congress. We need to stop electing career politicians who have corrupt family dynasties behind them.

Barbara Nass
via Facebook