7 Days, May 15: “Cops Get New Clubhouse”

Not Funny

I usually enjoy the 7 Days column and the Reporter, but the item on "Anonymous Investors Loan $360,000 to offset Fraternal Order of Police Lodge Tax Debt" was over the top snarky, mean-spirited, and immature.

What exactly is wrong with private money (not public funds) being used to help our city's police officers and retired officers have a hang out place, where they can have a cold beer with some colleagues and chill out? The Reporter has no idea how these anonymous investors may choose to use their own money to support other charitable works, so how is it that you get to judge them?

I suppose this means that SFR is also opposed to VFW halls? Please, let's hear your position on combat veterans getting a chance to chill out with a friend and a cold one. Is that a waste of money as well?

With this sort of attitude, it's no wonder our SFPD officers are leaving for Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, where they can get more respect, better pay, and more affordable housing.

Maybe you SFR guys need a club house of your own, where you could relax, think a lot harder about what community really means, and maybe work up a small bit of compassion for those men and women who come running to your aid, in the dark of the night, when something bad is happening at your home.

And btw, an apology from SFR to those men and women would be the right thing to do.

Trey Berndt
Santa Fe

Acting Out, May 15: “Seeing Herself Out”

Inject Yourself

It was refreshing to read a review of local theater that did not critique the writing, the interpretation or the overall performance of the actors, or decide whether the costumes and sets were appropriate. Instead you discussed the production as it was perceived by an audience member. A theater piece should be judged—if that's even the right word—on its ability to engage the audience.

I also enjoyed your in-kind comments on Uncle Vanya and likewise believe that our community should embrace more performance art that is experimental, interactive or, as you put it, really weird shit. In order to have a thriving theater community, we need to be inclusive and positive about classic pieces and the contemporary version of the art in all its related forms and expressions.

Thank you for keeping us open-minded as well as informed.

Cheryl Bartlett
Santa Fe