Cover, April 24: “Static Transit”

Just forget it

It seems like our elected officials cannot think outside the box. The Rail Runner is a dinosaur that eats revenue and diesel. It is probably the worst choice environmentally, yet they stick with it like a pig in s**t. Why are they so wedded when there are environmentally far better alternatives? They built it and no one came. Give it up, stop chasing more tax dollars and quick fixes. I've posted numerous times on articles like this one but it seems like no one is listening.

Abandon the Rail Runner, get on with what other municipalities are doing, a Smart Bus System using a smart app. Alternative fuels, smaller vehicles where there is less demand, and direct routes (picking you up at your home for example) would increase ridership tenfold.

Paul White

How Nice

Took the train and connected to a bus for the airport. Everything went smoothly but it sure would help if there was someplace to stash the luggage on the train and on the bus. It was a beautiful ride.

Shari Maryanov Cassutt
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Web Extra, April 25: “Housing Cash”


So the big question is how much taxes does a artist actually pay? You know they don't report actual cash sales it's straight to their pocket! Housing in general to everyone would benefit everyone better!

Michael Romero
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Really, again?

This is a fantastic project and does an immense job of supporting community and culture in the City Different!

However, $18,000,000 for 65 units?! I really feel like this town needs to manage its capital in a manner that creates actual developments that will have a significant percentage reduction in available affordable housing. Sixty-five units does very little to address this problem. That being said, clearly this project is about more than affordable housing and potentially could be used as a model that can be implemented more widely.

John Paul Pollock
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Really, thrice?

From the looks of it, this in on the old sewer facility. For those of us from here, you may recall that even after it was closed, you had to hold your nose while you drove past. What is the state of the land? Are we sure that it's not gross? Keep in mind, it's happened before that poor people get planted on top of garbage piles and such. It's not necessarily intentional, but has it been looked at?

Ronnie Ortiz
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