Web Extra, April 18:“On the outside looking in”

Need more info

A lot of people, including teachers, think the Lujan [Grisham] administration is pro-education and wise about schools. This proves otherwise. I've been a little skeptical up until this point, and now I'm even more skeptical. To claim, on one hand, that you're expanding summer school (and trying to make schools better and more rigorous), and then do something which limits and hamstrings those schools, is bizarre and harmful. Education "experts" tend to not know much, in my opinion. I would also add that if you're claiming to expand a program, then building in rules which clearly limit it, explanations are needed. Where is the money going, if fewer schools will participate?

Gin Maiyut
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Web Extra, April 19:“Rep. Ben Ray Luján Endorses Green New Deal”

Where were you?

I think it's a bit disturbing that Ben Ray Luján ignored the climate holocaust for the past 10 years, ignoring the climate scientists, world experts, tens of millions of constituents. Students had to organize a national school strike, and have millions of kids literally begging for their lives in order to get his attention.

Even with his endorsement, Ben Ray Luján is a disappointment. I am hoping we can have a real leader in climate change represent us in the Senate. Not an obstructor who you need to beg and plead over a decade to do the right thing.

Greg Sonnenfeld

7 Days, April 10:“#savethedutch”

Not so fast, SFR

You may want to rethink your "quick to dismiss as humor" cartoon regarding wind turbines and cancer. High-voltage lines are a necessary component and have a proven cancer link. Germany, which is one of the largest users of turbines, has experienced health issues for those living and working near them. It is interesting that many people accept that wind turbines are a clean source of energy when in fact they are a threat to wildlife, killing thousands of migrating birds yearly and disrupting underground habitats. Sound vibrations affect insect motility. Extremely large tracks of land are required and disrupt the natural climate of the area. Converted energy is not able to be stored in large amounts. The installation cost of one turbine is over two million dollars! It is a very inefficient and unhealthy source of energy. People would be better served to do their research and journalists most especially have a responsibility to give information that is not misleading and biased.

Kimberly Duran


In "Eye Candy" (Food, April 17), SFR misidentified the name of the bakery helmed by Leslie Thompson, who runs the bakery Momo & Company (@momoandcompany on Instagram). The Johnson Street location was of the same name as her current baking company. SFR regrets the error.