Cover, April 10: “Coming of Age in a Time of Change”

Get With It, Adults

Superb cover and story on youth responding to climate change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are making a difference and creating a foundation for hope. This is undoubtedly the most important issue of our time. The awareness you've raised will spur adults to participate more fully in remediating a crisis that we have fostered, knowingly or unknowingly.

Nodiah Brent
Via Facebook

Cover, April 3: “Shouldered Memories”

More Memories

Those things always get me. There was a memorial attached to a eucalyptus tree at Sonoma State that lasted 20 years or so. I still think about that one.

Lyle Gorch

Think Again

Thanks to Charlotte Jusinski for the descansos article. … The article was sympathetically done and the photos are exceptional. It is important to us as New Mexicans that our state and our traditions are carefully respected. … I don't know of any place where mankind has trampled that is not "blood-soaked." It began with Cain slaying Abel and has continued since. Thank again for the beautiful photographs.

JD Vasquez
Santa Fe

Extra Thoughts: Speed Cameras

not a great idea

Speed cameras and corruption go together like manure and mushrooms. If you tell a private business you can make $40 on each speeder you photograph, they will tweak whatever they need to create presumed speeders. Then they'll take as many council members as needed to nice lunches and dinners to quell the backlash. Ask Providence, Rhode Island; Miami, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; all being sued—or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where they shrunk the yellow caution lights to create red light speeders. Then when an enterprising lawyer says a private company mailing tickets to speeders is unconstitutional and sues and wins, as has happened in other cities, does Santa Fe have a budget for defending and paying refunds? Outside of already driving away visitors with $35 fines for overtime parking on $2 an hour parking meter, what's Santa Fe's case for this except a gambit for more revenue?

Bob Dowling
Santa Fe