Web Extra, March 11: “Recreational weed appears DOA”

There There

Don't fret, in this case failure is a good thing. HB 356 is a deeply flawed bill—and just the latest example of the clown show called the New Mexico Legislature. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Other states have done this, some have done it very well and are prospering, and others have crafted bad laws and are not successful.

John Carr
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Them’s Fightin‘ Words

The first time we legalized it in Washington, via a popular ballot measure, our fucking shit-for-brains governor vetoed the bill. Next election we legalized it again. Now we have more taxes, less crime, and the shit-for-brains governor is gone.

Scott Moore
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What Did They Expect

Well they did add a bunch of things to it, to make sure it would not be successful. Government-run shops, weird age requirements, one ounce only. It was pretty obvious it was gonna go down. They wanted people to save receipts, who in New Mexico is gonna do that?

Tammi Fields
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Web Extra, March 12: “SFR Sues for Access”

Well Deserved

Santa Fe taxpayers deserve to know the history of public servants, especially those who carry deadly weapons!

The [police department's] refusal to disclose background on officers makes the public wonder what they are hiding and creates distrust in SFPD officers.
Keep pushing SF Reporter!

Tomas Mas
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Shine a Light

Lack of transparency always implies something to hide. Good job SFR and free press!

Jonathan Taylor Powell
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