News, February 20: “Beer Me, Carefully”


The Violet Crown is an innovative business that is one of the few bright spots in the Railyard experiment. Why in the world is it a good idea to arbitrarily create roadblocks to their business model based on antiquated protectionist regulations?

Jim Robillard

AC, February 20: “Bobby Beals is Over Canyon Road”

Not So

I'm sorry to hear Canyon Road is no longer any fun for Bobby Beals, and I hope his new endeavors pan out. But lest your readers get the impression that all the galleries on Canyon Road are "strapped" and "struggling," let me add a very different viewpoint. There are many galleries, showing exciting and affordable work in all kinds of genres, that are thriving on Canyon Road, and even (gasp!) working with young collectors! 2018 was a very strong sales year for many Canyon Road galleries, and it's really not an either/or arts economy in Santa Fe, as this article might have us believe. Let's hear more about the potent mix of museums, pop ups, performance, immersive and experiential (yay Meow Wolf!) and good old fashioned retail all working together to entice art lovers to enjoy Santa Fe. And yes, let's have wine stations too.

Blair Vaughn-Gruler

Web Extra, March 1: “The Changing Face of Homelessness”

Crank It Up

When I left Santa Fe several years ago, I was making $60K and could barely make ends meet. I owned my own home and it was a struggle. I know exactly why rents, etc. are so high and it all has to do with wealthy folks buying up affordable housing, then cranking up the price on rentals. I know, I was in the realty business for many years.

Sandra Meyer
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Opinions, We Got ‘Em

After reading the article and considering my experiences with the homeless I encounter, I'd say the overriding issue is addiction and alcoholism. No one is going to rent to you if you cannot hold a job and pay rent. Opioid addiction is the problem that needs to be addressed more than anything else.

Denise Jimenez
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Not Just Us

In Denver too, so many [people are] displaced and thrown out of their homes for profit of the companies that scoop up properties, just to flip them quickly and make a ton of money after slapping on a new coat of paint. … Rents doubling and tripling mean [the] people thrown to the curb are now homeless. It's disgusting!

Sher Quintana
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