Web extra, Feb. 18:  “Santa Fe New Mexican joins papers who fire comic strip”


I was never a fan, but to drop any strip and replace it with the oldest and lamest comic ever is a very special kind of stupid. I guess "Family Circus" must no longer be available.

Rodney Gross
Via Facebook

Double Zing!

Because the cartoonist dropped the fuck word? Really? That's fucked up!

Yvonne Carmen
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Food, January 30: “When In Rome”

Make it at home

Always loved the Old Spaghetti Factory when visiting Seattle! It sounds like you had two very different experiences on your fresh pasta hunt in Santa Fe. Your descriptions of the first one leave me salivating as I try to make due with the eggplant sub I brought home from our local pizza joint.

April Steele

Another Choice

Try Café Grazie [3530 Zafarano Drive, Ste. C3, 471-0108] if you want super fresh and delicious pasta and very friendly service.

Betsy Brandt

News, January 30:   “Future Schlock”

A New Tactic

Thank you for reminding us that Alan Webber (how did that happen to this town—mayor) fashions himself as an "innovation junkie." …

Mayor Alan Webber might do well to put his Converse on and start riding the Santa Fe Trails and maybe practice saying "hi" to the locals. Maybe promote small businesses not related to his.

He's outdated, elitist and out of touch. Press releases won't help this time. Mutual respect for others is a start.

Jonathan Springer
Santa Fe


In last week's 3 Questions (Feb. 13), SFR incorrectly identified the administrator of the Save Our Tip Credit in New Mexico Facebook group. Her name is Sadie Holmes.