How-To, January 30:  “…Go to the movies like a Human Being”

Get comfy @ home

Oh well Alex, if you can't fill a whole How-To half-page with [criticism] that makes at least some sense, don't. …

The Sneaky: If I like to nibble on some more wholesome items not available in the sugar-laden cinema assortment, I will do so. The same for my trusted bottle of H2O which I carry all the time, hence into the theater, basta! I will not be held ransom for water, or any other drink, which I may fill up myself and afford.

Own Mind: Other then [sic] this part being totally belligerent … you're the worst, truly!

The Shoes: Part of getting comfy is getting comfy. So I will. Especially when sitting next to some babe that has, for reasons unbeknown [sic] to me, forgot her socks wearing her sandals, mid-winter mind you.

And, ¡Hola!, the most important is not even mentioned: to ask the viewers to kill their assorted gadgets, cell phones, iPhones, Androids, iPads, iWatches and on it goes.

Thöm Holzer
Santa Fe

Take off the watch

Kudos to you Alex for writing an essay about movie etiquette that is long overdue. I love going to the movies, but have often found my enjoyment ruined by several of the behaviors you cited. A few you missed:

If you bring your child to the movie, make sure they are old enough to understand that they need to be quiet and sit still for two hours, even if it is a children's movie. Adults like animation too, and children jumping in their seats, running around the theatre, and talking constantly make sure no one enjoys the movie.

If you cannot do without your electronic devices for two hours, you do not need to be in a movie theatre. … If you can't pay attention to one thing (the movie) for two hours, don't inflict your obsession on the other patrons. The same goes for Apple watches. The last movie I went to was ruined by a woman wearing an Apple watch about six seats to the right of me. Every time she moved her arm, her watch lit up like a beacon in my peripheral vision.

Movies are places to escape from or learn more about the world or other worlds in silence and darkness. … Disturbing fellow movie goers by displaying how cool you are because you have the coolest technology is not cool.

Georgellen Burnett
Santa Fe