Cover, January 30: “25 Things We Love”

Hippie Van Haven

What do I love about Santa Fe? Everything.

Since I learned ideation I wanted to move to Santa Fe. I heard of its beautiful landscapes. I heard of its art. I heard of its wonderful people and history. I heard of its food. Ever since I was a kid my favorite food was—what passed for, there as—red chile—in a tiny can. Each time I heard of Santa Fe I became more fascinated.

I saw Westerns on TV bragging and singing about the Santa Fe Trail. "Heck," I thought, "there must be something great at the end of it, or folks wouldn't keep going thataway."

Finally, 44 years ago, at the age of 23, I rolled into town in my VW van and knew that I had come home.

Albo P Fossa
Santa Fe

C’mon, It’s Dogs & Cats

Thank you for including the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. … There are so many things to love about our town, and I'm honored that our hometown animal shelter was included on the list.  It is wonderful to know our community supports our mission so strongly.

Jennifer Steketee
Director, Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society

Music, January 30: “What We’re Made Of”

Piss, Meet Cornflakes

I'm glad Lauria and Kott got an article, but it would have helped if you had recruited a writer who had actually heard some of their music in this series—or heard some of their music ever. There's plenty to say about the nature and quality of both of their offerings, and it's not like they're new on the scene or anything. What a waste of a page of space. Everything the writer knew about it could have gone in a call-out box with a photo.

(So the new music writer has a dick big enough that he doesn't have to cuss in every other sentence. But does he know the music?)

SM Suloway
Santa Fe

Web Extra, Jan. 17: “Adult-use cannabis bill coming in days”

Maybe Not

It's extremely rare to get politicians to vote for recreational weed! These issues are best dealt with via a voters' initiative, were the issue is on a ballot. Politicians are spineless and for them to decide an issue like recreational marijuana would require a spine!

Harry A Jones
Via Facebook