News, January 16:   “A Year Later, No Answers”

Decal Manifesto

I saw a Santa Fe cruiser with a "blue lies matter" decal in the window. Knowing that that saying became popular among cops following the Black Lives Matter protests, I have to wonder if that decal is a statement of intent by the officer who put it there. To what degree do police have an agreement to cover for one another if, say, they're being investigated for a sketchy killing a year ago?

Billiam Rodge
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Cover, January 16:   “Detained in Dust”

We Got the Scoop

It's exceedingly rare to see photos of the interior of Santa Fe County Jail, so for that reason alone, your article on toxic chemicals used during its 2014 renovation was terrific. The jail is run in secrecy and inmates rarely speak out for fear of retaliation from jail staff, courts, police and other inmates. God bless attorney Mark Donatelli for his many lawsuits on behalf of inmates. However, conditions in the jail remain horrible. For example, the food is little better than dog food and there is no access to books and newspapers. The "library" is a joke, little more than a stack of dog-eared paperbacks that no one would want to read. Inmates should be treated decently, free from being sprayed with poison.

Linda Chavez
Santa Fe

Web Extra, Jan. 17: “Adult-use cannabis bill coming in days”

Road Work?

Just moved from Colorado and [legal cannabis] is an extraordinary positive in so many ways. Expanding medical research, cancer treatment and prevention, treat opioid addiction, treat PTSD and make a ridiculous amount tax revenue. Maybe in New Mexico the government could use that to fix the roads? As a newcomer that is the only negative thing I have run into—literally run into.

Ryan J Fleming
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