Cover, January 9: “Session Preview”

Do it for the Vets

If New Mexico wants to stay blue, the Legislature needs to consider some kind of a tax break or incentive for retired veterans. Vets can empower the business side of the state if they have a reason to come here.

Ned Carbine

News, January 9: “Stocking Stuffer”

Distraction Tactic

Seems like the state should go after [Susana Martinez] for this money. At a certain point her official duty is to turn over the records. Because the records covered up possible crimes with the racino, this is on her personally. She raised millions for the GOP, an action like paying this off quick from these funds would bury the issue of possible crimes by administration. Then also stop bad press on the GOP.

William H Mee

Web Extra, Jan. 10: “Land commissioner bans killing contests on state property”


So there is clarity, it is just contests. The nuisance animals, etc., which threaten livestock are not impacted.

Nicholas Koluncich
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Better Late Than…

It took this long to put an end to it?

Anne Wheeler
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They’re Wiley

So we are OK with the coyotes who continue to terrorize our road runner populations with their catapults and rocket skates? I suspect the ACME lobby is behind this move.

Keith Herrmann
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The Interface, Jan. 9: “New World Resolution”

Oh Yeah

Love that about SFCC!! Looking to the future through these amazing programs.

Di Olson Rasche
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