News, January 2: “Slip Slidin’ Away”

Sleep at Work, Duh

The majority of the lawsuits are just more examples of our over-the-top entitlement culture. Try doing that in, say, most of Europe. Sorry, nil, go home. It's gnarly conditions this year folks. Life in the mountains. Outfit yourself, know that there are risks with life. Learn to fall. Learn to become aware. Work at home. Camp at the office, do whatever. But please stop abusing a court system that needs care itself.

Tomas Robison

Forge New Paths

Understated. The sidewalks around the main post office and federal courthouse [are] finally partially cleared a few days after. But the sidewalk plow leaves a snow mountain on the sidewalk. Intrepid walkers need to choose between walking on the busy Paseo or climbing the mountain (now days later diminished by determined climbers). Thank goodness one can hang on to those rails.

Suzanne Timble
Santa Fe

Web Extra, January 3: “Lujan Grisham rescinds PARCC for New Mexico students”

Don’t Miss the Other 13

Until we create a student-centric model where mastery instead of merit is the goal of education, this is just another hype to ensure that low performing educators and policy makers throughout the entire bureaucracy keep their jobs. Kids did not elect the governor but their ability to succeed in the future depends on her. The big solution in Santa Fe is developing the pre-K model, but what about the kids that are in K-12 now? That is 13 years of graduates that they really have no plan for, except to come up with some new testing drama that still is more about teachers keeping their jobs than kids succeeding in the real world of tomorrow. …

I once again have asked Las Cruces Rep. Joanne Ferrary for readings she suggests from her committees that would help us, the funders of schools, to understand their thinking. The only material she offered me in the past was Surpassing Shanghai by [Marc] Tucker. After I read it I asked her what they got out of it and was told me they really did not get much out of it. Well, what are they basing their thinking on? Teacher colleges will depend on knowing this so they can prepare hopefully professional learning facilitators for the education world of tomorrow.

Rob Wood
Las Cruces