Cover, December 12: “Dark Window”

Your life is not yours

I have not been able to get a couple of letters recently published in your publication out of my head, so even though weeks have passed since their publication I still have a need to write to you.

There was a correspondence between a younger man who complained about the slow speeds of elderly drivers on the road followed by a response in the subsequent issue by an older man who chastised said younger man for not obeying the rules of the road.

I would like to give my perspective as an out-of-state immigrant from California who's lived here three years now about why I'm always extremely vigilant of the speed limit in New Mexico.

In less than a year of moving here I quickly learned that New Mexico State police are hopped up on crack cocaine or a similar type of amphetamine. I cannot grasp anything else that explains their extremely violent, aggressive, hostile behavior.

Last year, New Mexico police killed 21 people. The entire country of Germany, population 82 million, lost 14 people to police in that same time span. You're more likely to be shot dead by a law enforcement officer in New Mexico than any other state.

I always drive the speed limit or a little bit over, not even 5 miles over, because I am terrified that the New Mexico State Police will kill me with the same glee they kill family pets with.

I am terrified for my life every time I get into my vehicle, because in the state of New Mexico, your life is not your own, it belongs to the police.

Bryce Flanagan


I think you missed the mark in the direction of your bias [sic] article on this tragic shooting incident.
The serious insufficiency and lack of comprehensive mental health care in our state is what failed the deceased. It would behoove everyone involved for you to put your intense efforts in addressing this serious health care matter. This is where your efforts should be made to benefit all of the public's future.

Veronica O'Halloran
Santa Fe

Letters, December 12: “Don’t get no respect”

Quote Unquote

I enjoyed the letter of Katherine Davie. The recent incident of a teacher criticizing and abusing two Native American students is almost too nuts/crazy to believe.

Although Native Americans are the land owners and protectors of the United States—we almost have no voice in the media.

So thanks to Katherine for mentioning the abrogation of Native American treaty rights by the United States. Raping our land, resources, killing our people, and disregarding our rights as Native Americans and as "Americans."

Justice is not justice for us (I am Cherokee)—or most Americans. Unless you control the president, congress, senators and governors, etc.

James McIntosh
Santa Fe

Extra Thoughts


Within the past few months, the Albuquerque Journal has been distributing the Journal North to everyone in Santa Fe, whether they requested it or not. I counted over 50 old and unwanted copies on the streets and sidewalks during my walk to work this morning, and that was only three blocks. I don't see how this isn't blatant littering. It's getting to be a real eyesore. … I sent a complaint to the city of Santa Fe and also emailed the admin staff at the Journal about it, but I don't know what else I can do other than pick up the copies I come across as I'm walking.

Dane Goble
Santa Fe

Fear Itself

Fear Itself is wrong
If there is nothing else to fear.
But we are said to fear, inter alia:
All immigrants and other nationals
The actions of bedrock government institutions and their heads
Diverse people
Media and communications
A true truth
The power of women
Fear becomes the common element
And the proponent Fear Itself.

Jay Impellizzeri
Santa Fe

Pop Culture

As a result of the unfortunate state-based "winner-take-all" method of counting Americans' popular votes during the US presidential elections, twice in the last five presidential elections we have seen a candidate lose the popular vote and still move to the White House. And this is just one of the many tragic disadvantages of the current system. Instead, New Mexico should pass the National Popular Vote bill during the 2019 legislative session, which would allow our state to award all of its electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Eleven other states and DC already have enacted the same state law, and together with New Mexico it will then just take another 93 electoral votes to reach the national threshold and make every American vote equal. Our votes should matter in every election, presidential included. For more information, go to the National Popular Vote-New Mexico website (

Deborah van Hecke
Santa Fe

Extremely scientific social media poll: “Recreational Cannabis: Yea or Nay?”

The Twitterverse Says

85% Yay
15% Nay

Yea all the way! I can't believe some people are still (willingly?) misinformed on cannabis!

Robert Sandoval
via Facebook

Hell yea, at least get to be high in the poorest state in the union.

Vincennes Prudence Ortiz
via Facebook


Christopher Alexander
via Facebook

Yes! But let's wait until after the medical program is fixed and the market can handle recreational without disrupting medical patients!

Charlie Moore-Pabst
via Twitter