Web Extra, Dec. 6: “The problem with working for the city of Santa Fe”


One of the problems is that the current hiring employees only seem to hire their uncles, cousins, moms, dads and best friends.

RC Farr-Elli
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I owe you

The assistant executive assistant to the assistant comptroller of control = The nephew of some guy who knows somebody who is owed a favor by someone so he gets a title and $37K a year with benefits for trying to look busy.

Jeff Hornstein
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Web Extra, Dec. 5: “Protesters shut down Santa Fe traffic to oppose oil and gas leases”

Don’t get no respect

Currently there is an abundance of oil and gas available within the US. The land that is currently in dispute is a result of a promise made good to the people who supported Trump in the last election. This is the fossil fuel industry. This will not help the people in this area that desperately need economic help. Ask the people in North Dakota what happened when fracking and oil exploration came to the area. It was outsiders that moved to town, got the jobs, increased home prices and then left when the boom ended. I personally spoke to people who were affected. Native people are tied to the land and still to this day our government disrespects this.

Katherine Davie

Web Extra, Dec. 3: “REMIX Audio Bar opens on Marcy Street”

Damn fine cup of coffee

Awesome. Cannot wait to stop by. This is just the sort of cultural caffeinated injection Santa Fe needed.

Canton Becker