The Interface, Nov. 28:  “Shop ‘Til They Drop”

Are you not outraged?

I never buy from Amazon. I think of all the small businesses that Amazon has put out of business; I think of all the abuse Amazon workers have endured just for a job; I wonder why one person needs so much money at the expense of so many others; I hate when I am trying to buy something online and all that comes up is Amazon or I read reviews of products and then they just want to bring me to Amazon. There are other companies out there. Does this bother other people too? Do people care about or want a monopoly?

Lisa Moroz
Santa Fe

News, Nov. 28:  “Looming Public pension Bust”

Teachers Deserve More

I am a 23-year veteran teacher. It seems everyone wants to keep taking from us. A decrease in cost of living funds? Our miniscule salary bumps don't even come close to the increasing cost of living. I pay lots into retirement every paycheck. Now it seems as though I won't get my retirement back. The ERB system doesn't let you cash out or roll your retirement into an IRA until you leave the profession. So basically what you pay in is being held hostage. I should be able to roll my money into an IRA and pay into it what I want.

I'm pretty fed up with the sad state of affairs in education. More accountability with less compensation.

Renzo Fancellu

Living’s Expensive

"A few years ago, the state diverted money designated for pension funds to help patch huge holes in the state budget." And therein lies the problem. Why should we public retirees take the hit for something we aren't responsible for? … When I retired, I went three and a half years before I saw a COLA. And the idea that COLAs are too low is laughable. Has anyone priced peanut butter or eggs lately? Not to mention vehicles!

Loretta Tollefson


Artist Michal Rovner is a woman, and her work SFR referenced in last week's AC ("Digital Underground," Nov. 28) is titled "Dahui." SFR misidentified her gender and misspelled the title of the work; we regret the errors.