News, November 7: “Grain of Truth”

Read Read Pass

I have read Corruptus ([the author] is in our family) four times, and this is such an accurate review that it made me stop and say, yeah that is what he was writing! It will be a compelling read for journalists especially to absorb and relate to. In these times of political outrage and disrespect, Corruptus serves to fuel and comfort the reader. Read and pass along to a friend, it hangs with you and garners riveting discussions.

Karen Fredrichs

Web Extra, Nov. 1: “New Mexico is too poor and brown for legal cannabis”

The Clear Choice

A disheartening story. I keep hoping New Mexico does something, anything, to get on the right track economically/socioeconomically, including something so obvious as legalizing, selling and taxing a goddamn plant which people are enjoying regardless if it's legal or not, but NO, can't have that! Keep going backwards, New Mexico. Why do people keep leaving your beautiful state? Take a good look in the mirror.

Henry Rampike
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Basically, Yeah

Cash poor because it's all going to Colorado.

Rebecca D Gardner
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Black Holes Ain’t Bad

I hope New Mexico becomes so dark that all light collapses on itself and creates a vacuum that rips this current reality apart.

Luis Peña
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Web Extra, Nov. 5: “Santa Fe rental market one of country’s tightest”

Basically, Yeah (Again)

Thanks to the following: The county and city officials who let this get out of hand, the multi-millionaires that live in Santa Fe for only about two months out of the year in their million dollar homes, poor planning, and the list goes on and on. This is why almost 40 percent of the people that work in Santa Fe don't live in Santa Fe and commute 30-45 minutes every workday. Now tell me that this is not part of the problem. This just makes it so difficult for the real Santa Fe residents to pay rent, buy a house and put food on the table.

RC Farr-Elli


To our readers: SFR's breaking news coverage from election night, published online and in the newspaper Nov. 7, incorrectly reported the result of the race for Southern New Mexico's congressional seat. The error was repeated in multiple stories, a headline and a photo caption. By midday on Wednesday, it had become clear that previously uncounted ballots—the existence of which had not been disclosed to journalists before presstime—had pushed Democrat Xochitl Torres Small to victory in the race. SFR regrets the error.