Cover, October 31: “SFR Endorsements”

We’re Number One

Kudos to Anson Stevens-Bollen for his best cover of 2018.

Mark Martinez

7 Days, October 31 

Smells Fishy

The latest scandal in Santa Fe, the "quid pro quo" of former Mayor Javier Gonzales, is insulting to all residents of New Mexico.

Mr. Gonzales carried a bill requesting grant money to City Council and was the lead sponsor—yet he conveniently was absent when the actual votes were cast to grant $100,000 to Descartes Labs. The state has contributed a further $600,000 because of this city contribution.

And now Mr. Gonzales is given a "consulting job" by this same firm, in a field that he has zero experience or expertise in.

Most importantly, this grant of LEDA funds, approved by the Santa Fe City Council, is to a company that isn't eligible for them under the stated, written guidelines by the New Mexico Economic Development Department (as shown on their webpage). In fact, they are clearly a "non-qualifying entity," and should have been granted nothing.

Yet another example of taxpayer money being quietly stolen by elected officials—where is the citizen outrage?

Steven Schwartz
Santa Fe

Movies, October 24: “First Man”


You blew it. First Man is a 10.

Some things are heavy and should be portrayed as such.

Liz Lea
Santa Fe

Music, October 31: “Too Real”

Kudos, Sir Luke

Shout out to the new music writer. Well-written insightful pieces and introduction to new styles and artists. He's terrific.

Tim Gold
Santa Fe

Letters, October 31: “Trained? Skilled?”

What’s the Rush?

Regarding the letter to the editor from Warren Peary; I'm one of the "old guys" on the road you refer to. I'm not slow, Warren. I obey the law. If the speed limit posted says 25 mph, I do 25 mph. If I'm on the freeway and the sign says 75 mph, I do 75 mph. If there is rain or snow, I slow down. I watch people like you every day I drive somewhere. When I take Governor Miles Road up to Camino Carlos Rey, there is always someone tailgating me because I observe the speed limit. Some even become angry and pass me over the double yellow line. Why are you in a hurry, Warren? Only you can change your bad habits. If you are running late, leave earlier. Share the road and be a responsible adult.

Michael Stark
Santa Fe