Web Extra, Oct. 10: “Guad Help Us”

Park It

Javier Gonzales' parking meter program has been an absolute disaster for local business and local residents—it hasn't helped tourism either. I now avoid the Plaza, Guadalupe and the Railyard. The city should consider free parking validation from nearby businesses and a drastic reduction in meter fees.

John Chavez
Via Facebook

Too Skinny

My main beef is with the narrowing of Guadalupe Street. The mid section, along with parking on both sides, make the street so narrow it became too dangerous to use on two wheels or on foot. I used to stop by businesses all the time and use Guadalupe to go downtown. Not since the narrowing. I do not trust our local or tourist drivers to look back and check when opening doors. Our locals cannot even be trusted with yielding to pedestrians and bicyclists when they got the green light. … Take out those islands in the middle that serve to obstruct and limit traffic!

Uomi S Brog
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Letters, Sept. 12: “Gracias”


All the time these closed-door talks were being held, both the upstanding Caballeros and Fiesta councils were under pressure, especially so when Mayor Webber "appointed" Native Regis Pecos to run the talks—thus, surely a political "done deal" for the mayor. Not even an opportunity to bring up also "retiring" both the Pueblo Revolt celebrations and the radical Red Nation torturous protests came up. I favored changing the Entrada, but hiding a true historical event away at Rosario Chapel and retiring the use of the beloved term "La Conquistadora" was too much wrecking of Santa Fe's Spanish history to swallow!

Elmer Maestas
Santa Fe


In last week's cover story (Oct. 3: "The People's Attorney") profiling state Attorney General Hector Balderas' record in office, contributor Margaret Wright reported that Los Alamos resident Chris Mechels viewed Balderas' action in hiring former Department of Public Safety attorneys as counsel for his role as chairman of the state Law Enforcement Academy Board to be a conflict of interest. Mechels in fact viewed that action to be unwise, but not a conflict. We apologize for the misunderstanding.