Cover, Aug. 22:  “Santa Fe’s Dark History”

For next time…

Santa Fe Indian School: When children were taken from families and were forced to deny their tribe's language with the threat of violence. Why isn't this a horror worth mentioning?

Lynn Ann Rose Miles

Editor's Note: We may continue "Dark History" as an occasional feature in SFR, and are open to suggestions for more topics! Send an email with your favorite (or least favorite, as the case may be) historical epoch in Santa Fe.

News, Aug. 22:  “Unsolved, but Not Cold”

Get it together

Generally speaking, I think the SFPD needs more training in solving cases of homicide and attempted murder. I would like to see proper funding so that detectives can obtain advanced training at Quantico or wherever training of this nature takes place.

Peter Komis

News, Aug. 22:  “A Tale of Three Schools”

Willing to bet

I'm guessing there are not any schools on the south side of Santa Fe with only 17 children in a second-grade class.

Laura C Baguley-Ortega

Food, Aug. 22:  “Opuntia Continues to Blossom”

Nom nom nom

Thanks for sharing this vivid experience. I am such a fan of the new inspired bold evening menu and, like you, can't get enough Gojijang popcorn!

Lauren Slaff