Web Extra, Aug. 15: “Black man says he can prove feds raciallyprofiled him, wants charges dropped”

Um …

OMG, they are targeting criminals, how dare they? Really, this proves nothing, nothing except that he was guilty.

Bruce Mendes Via Facebook

Cover, Aug. 15: “Back to school reading list for grown-ups”


Love the tail, @SantaFeReporter.

Matthew McQueen @mcqueenfornm Via Twitter

Editor's Note: We like when politicians tweet us about our goofy yet masterful cover illustrations of cats dipping their tails in wine. Keep it up. Thanks @mccqueenfornm!

Extra Thoughts: Silver screen perks

VL shout-out

I heard a thing on NPR about the last Blockbuster store In Oregon, and I thought—entertainment in the '90s, yes, but diversity, no. Wherever I was living, if there was no indie rental store, I had to resort to Blockbuster.

Diversity and entertainment, real representation, has been loyally delivered by our own Video Library for more than three decades. It's not enough to claim the rental market alone. It's the salty goblet when you break down your viewing pleasure by genre, director and gusto. Lisa and her tried and true employee selection (which includes some of the brightest and up-and-coming artistically inclined citizens) are tuned in to film, actors, production and just overall good taste. No one's going to steer you wrong in this joint. Also, your dollar stays in our town.

Long hail Video Library.

Nick Savant Santa Fe