News, Aug. 8: “Dancing Near the Graves of the Rich”

Lack of Success?

@MeowWolf @VinceKadlubek and team put so much effort into brining [sic] art and music into our area. They create beautiful spaces and events. It's a shame that Aaron couldn't seem to see past his own lack of success and vision as compared to the artists and team that put on this event.

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Get Schooled

This is quite possibly the dumbest article I have read in quite a while. I spoke to a number of people who went to this festival and they had a great time. The tepee complaint is a bit of a stretch to say the least and your headline is clearly a clickbait ploy that does not hold up in the least. Also, why are you griping about attendance? Seems you want to just be negative for no reason. Meow Wolf and AMP brought an amazing cultural event to Taos including very cool headliners and could grow year over year and be awesome for all the people who live near there. Your move is to shit all over it? Why? I mean the whole article is a total joke as far as it being anything close to journalism so I think you may need to go back to school to learn how to write.

Thomas Franke

Savage Love (or lack thereof), Aug. 8 


Where's Savage Love this week?!?!!! A week without #dansavage is a week of #summertimesadness

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Editor's Note: As of this month, SFR will no longer publish Dan Savage's syndicated "Savage Love" column. Readers missing it are invited to head to to read it at its home paper. We're happy to continue to bring you an issue jam-packed with local news and culture.