Cover, Aug. 1: “Enemy of the People”

Fingers Crossed

I just read your article and it is awesome! It is totally obvious now to any half-conscious human being that we live in a police state. Thank you for such an incisive, historical and still very personal account of one of the most blatant examples of our country's current fascist trend. When will your (first?) book be coming out? Keep up the good work young man—you and all the many many others like you are the voice of the future. Thank you.

Joseph McKenna
Santa Fe

Turn It Around

Great piece for the Santa Fe Reporter.

Yes, Trump and his extreme corporate right wing cadre are the supreme enemy of the people. I signed up for Trump's impeachment the day he got into office.
Thanks for getting arrested in DC, the district of criminals.

America needs a 180-degree turnaround if it is going to survive the 21st century, which it may not.

Steve Jones
Santa Fe

Liberal Media Bias

Don't like Trump, didn't vote for him, sorry he won. But I am also no fan of "journalists" with an agenda, and [Cantú] seems one.

Bruce Mendes
via Facebook

Extra Thoughts: International Folk Art Market

Sponsorship, or Worse?

I watched my friend travel 10,000 miles to exhibit at Folk Art Market. Celebrating and economically boosting artisans around the world is the supposed mission of IFAM. Per application, Americans are prohibited from exhibiting, so how about a triple-wide booth for Donna Karan? Yes, placed in the prominent direct flow of market traffic, while some artists shared booths. Let's call it "paying homage" to world cultures. Let's call it "inspiration." … I believe that was originally called cultural theft or euphemistically, "appropriation." Next year, IFAM, if you want to go full on-corporate, hire some Apple store employees to be be roving cashiers. Have Donna Karan pay the merchant credit card fees instead of the artists. Add a massage therapist session for jetlagged  artists. Put that on Donna Karan's tab. On the heels of the most successful market to date, IFAM, revisit your mission statement.

Jes Gilmore
Santa Fe