Cover, July 25:  “Best of Santa Fe Staff Picks: Santa Fe Bulletin Board”


We are so boring compared to your phantasmagoric picture of us! Five minutes search on Facebook would find none of the subjects you list were ever discussed on the SFBB.

The admins are native Santa Feans William H Mee [and] a local historian and Feldenkrais practitioner, Felicia N Trujillo, whose father, Rep. Henry V Trujillo, passed New Mexico's first minimum wage law in 1951. He was introduced by Mabel Dodge Lujan to her mother, Clare T Newberry, internationally published award-winning children's book author, winner of four Caldecott Honors, gifting Felicia with their Native, Spanish, Jewish, Black and British lineages.

SFBB members include Harvard PhDs, first responders, teachers, healthcare professionals, artists and a majority of native New Mexicans of all ages. We feature posts supporting veterans, teens, Black, Native, Spanish, Jewish, Muslim and Anglo Santa Feans and Santa Fe-oriented community services and discussions.

It is funny that you describe us exactly the opposite of who we are. No mention, of course, of our FB page "Children  Imprisoned at the Border 2018," our work on the "Vigil at the Roundhouse," or our regular health support pages.

With 1,000 applicants each week, however, we will happily miss any new members that cannot read.

Felicia Trujillo
Santa Fe


Regarding recent shade thrown at the Santa Fe Bulletin Board…

Brilliant assessment! Wish it wasn't the online face of Santa Fe. It's so embarrassing.

Cat Parks
Santa Fe

News, July 25:  “Santa Fe Entrada Might Be Ending”

Hip Hip

Hooray! Fiestas is so overrated and politicized any more, it has absolutely no meaning any more. Good riddance. Bring focus back to the original inhabitants, the Native Americans and the atrocities they faced.

RC Farr-Elli
via Facebook


In our Best of Santa Fe winner listings (Cover, July 25), the address of Nambe Trading Post was incorrect. The store is located in Santa Fe.