News, July 18: “Monumental Fail”

Thou Shalt Not

I would like to add one monument to the list of those that may be removed from public property in Santa Fe: the Ten Commandments monument in front of the fire station on Cerrillos Road next to the Indian Health Center and Ashbaugh Park. This was a gift to the city from a Christian church organization and continuing to display it on publicly-funded property is a violation of the US Constitution's First Amendment barring the establishment of a religion by government. … Since the mayor's office is willing to remove monuments deemed racially and culturally offensive, it must consider removing those that are equally colonial and are offensive to those of us who take separation of church and state seriously. Churches already enjoy enough privileges like tax-free income, land ownership and political power. Should they also be given random free places by the city to display their "faith?"

Scott Shuker
Santa Fe

Hey, Great Idea!

Would "barbarian" have had any less sting than "savage"? How about "impolite" or "unpolished"? I might have used "uncivilized." History is not always pleasant but it is immutable, as though it were engraved in stone. The land of America is American by conquest. It was not nice, but it really happened.

George Washington's Iroquois nickname is "canotocaurious," or "destroyer of villages." He used search and destroy tactics. He killed a lot of Indians. He could have taught Lieutenant Calley a trick or two. War is not nice. Let us proceed to rip down statues of George Washington.

Richard Bermingham
Santa Fe

Movies, July 18: “Sorry to Bother You”

Missed a Spot

As a Santa Fe native, I am familiar with your past reviews, and you certainly have a strong grip on your craft. While I found your review of this film to be nothing short of descriptive, I thought it didn't fully encapsulate its thought-provoking commentary on race relations. As with Lakeith Stanfield's last film, Get Out, Sorry to Bother You offers a much-needed social commentary on modern race relations that makes this film essential cinema. Especially given our current political climate, race relations are a salient issue and are a topic of upmost importance, and a review of a movie such as Sorry to Bother You must certainly emphasize the importance of its content and why audiences must not miss out on this experience.

Bradley Johnson
Las Cruces