Cover, July 17: “Building up or Tearing Down?”

Revenue Idea

What about actual property taxes? What about a vacancy tax on all of the empty second and third homes? Always acting like there are no buildings to live in.

Jordon Young

What About Water?

What about the elephant in the room? Water and availability. There is a limit, is the city considering the issue? Doubt it. They say they have enough water but much of that water is junior and paper water rights. It's going to hit the fan if Texas wins and if the drought continues. We need to have a talk about contingency planning.

Paul White

Web Extra, July 13: “HUD’s Up: Santa Fe, other counties score $3.4 million federal grant”

True Compassion

Teach [homeless teens] some skills to get a job. Free housing only creates lazy adults.

Bobby Gaur
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Web Extra July 12: “Out-of-State CBD Ban Goes Into Effect in New Mexico”

Demand Local

If customers ask for only New Mexico products, hopefully this new policy won't be a problem.

Judy S Eckhart
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Not the Funny Kind

This state is a fucking joke. And the people will just bend over and take it.

Thomas Reimer
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