Cover, July 4: “Political Cartoon Contest”

The Best One

It was an honor to be selected among the political cartoon winners. But the cartoon I chose to clip and save was the brilliant and sophisticated "Fake Mirror," by 12-year-old Emma St. Peter. She gives me great hope that young adults like her will lead us out of the Trumpian despotism that is engulfing our great nation. Good job, Emma!

Bill Gould
Santa Fe

News, July 4: “Weed Waste”


Ever since my first visit to a dispensary I wondered when the plastic packaging would become a problem. I think the best route, and what I am already doing, is after my plastic containers are empty I keep them and bring back to dispensary for them to reuse. I asked for the store to give me a discount for any containers brought back, but unfortunately they don't.

So if they did have some type of in-house customer return program it's a win-win.

Nicole Darcey
Santa Fe

Web Extra, July 6: “Journalist’s Charges Dropped”


Congratulations Mr. Cantú. We appreciate your courage in protesting and are happy you are now free to speak your mind.

Rob Morlino
Via Facebook

Yiss Reprise

Good for Mr. Cantú! Lousy damn administration.

Jeanne Treadway
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Yiss … Oh Wait

That's good. On a tangentially related note: You folks could use some more intellectual diversity in your staff.

Aaron Perls
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